Parent Testimonials

“I never thought about a day that my son and I would have conversations about the redemption, love and peace of Jesus Christ in our lives, but that is exactly what took place as a result of his stay at Narrow Gate.  It never crossed my mind that as a result of his changed life he would end up on mission trips to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, orphanages in Mexico, the poor in Honduras, or Sudan to build a church and school for those who have absolutely nothing.  He not only found his purpose in life, he continues to share His God-given gifts with others and, as a result of the changes in his life, it became an incredible encouragement to me and my spiritual growth.  A graduate from Narrow Gate can’t help but be a Godly influence in any family.” 

       -Steve, father of Fred, an ’06 Narrow Gate Graduate 

“Our son entered Narrow Gate a confused, lost young man. Although he had known the Lord from an early age, the pressures of life and the lies of the Enemy had diverted him from God’s destiny for him. However, the loving and godly Narrow Gate staff was able to provide our son with a distraction-free environment, and as our son put it, ‘God has been with me all along, but in here, I can hear Him talk to me.’ It has been such a blessing to watch first-hand the trickle down effect of God’s love: Not only has our son found peace in his soul again, but his new bride has also, and then her mother, as well. We will forever be committed to the ministry of Narrow Gate and have labeled ourselves lifetime supporters and prayer partners. We have a deep love and commitment to the directors, Bill and Stacy, but also for each and every young man who is admitted into the Narrow Gate discipleship experience.” 

       -Dwight and Sheila, parents of Landon, an '09 Narrow Gate Graduate 

"One of the hardest struggles for a parent is to watch your son not choose the Life he was brought up to know. In the spring of 2008, our son’s life began to unwind and crash down around him; all the while we as parents were on our knees constantly on his behalf. God began working in several ways: He led us to Narrow Gate, and He also began making Trevor’s heart ready to say “yes” to going.  Trevor graduated on March 7th, 2010, and he has returned to his Savior that he accepted when he was nine years old. He knows who he is in Christ and has a passion to serve Him with all his heart. He has vision and purpose for life, and we know he will make a huge impact for Christ’s Kingdom. We will forever be grateful to Narrow Gate and what it has meant to our family, for not only Trevor was changed -- our whole family was."

     -Mickey and Karen, parents of Trevor, a '10 Narrow Gate Graduate

"When Reed, our son, made the decision to go to Narrow Gate, we were both elated and apprehensive. He was longing for help and guidance, the kind we could not give. We knew of the "Narrow Gaters" since we attended the same church, and we would see them each Sunday, with their hands held high and their voices raised in praise. However, we were not really familiar with the staff and the program. After dropping Reed off at the Lodge for a six-month stay, we left with a feeling of relief: we knew he was in better hands, God''''s hands, as was evident after our orientation with Bill and Stacy Spencer. Still, to this day, the greatest moment of my life was having the honor to speak at Reed''''s graduation and seeing him as a new person, with Jesus Christ as his foundation. Reed is now living in Idaho, working and attending college and living a Christ-filled life thanks to the caring and loving folks at Narrow Gate."

     -Bart and Laura, parents of Reed, an '08 Narrow Gate Graduate

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Narrow Gate. When our son, Luke, went to Narrow Gate in June 2005, Narrow Gate had just started. Luke''''s Narrow Gate experience literally saved his life. He graduated in December 2005 a new creation in Christ. Oh, how I loved the young man that he had become while he was there. My husband and I have shared with many people what Narrow Gate did for our son and how blessed we were to have been a part of such a wonderful experience. Narrow Gate will always hold a special place in our hearts as we pray daily for all of those working with the Narrow Gate family."

     -Linda, mother of Luke, an '05 Narrow Gate Graduate

"The Narrow Gate experience for my son was as helpful for our family as it was for him. We are thrilled we found this little Christian outpost where they model the real deal. How refreshing to see young men''''s lives begin anew with the living God!"

     -Bill and Cathey, parents of Jordan, an '08 Narrow Gate Graduate

"This Christmas, we spent two weeks with our son, Josh, who has become the man we hoped and prayed God would make of him. It was great to see his love of learning the facts of the Bible paired with the hands and feet actions that Jesus lived here on earth. We saw the changes in so many ways: anticipating the needs of others, keeping his area clean, jumping in to help, exercising patience with his pesky little brothers, and above all, walking in a peace we haven't seen in him in a long time. We are aware that no matter how mu

ch we tried, prayed and cried, we were incapable of changing him. We are so thankful for each of you at Narrow Gate and the program you have that was able to reach him right where he was, to give him hope and tools."

      -Jill and Harold, parents of Josh, an '11 graduate

"Now that Rob has finished Narrow Gate, we are so happy with his progress and his healing.  It's amazing to hear him talk about his plans for the future, but it's just as wonderful to experience him in the 'present' without the debilitating anxiety and depression.  He truly had hit 'bottom' at 19 years old, and we didn't know what to do to help him.  Narrow Gate has provided the safe environment in which he could develop his relationship with the Lord and be healed.  We are so very grateful."  

      -Pam and Scott, parents of Rob, a '12 graduate