How It Works

The Narrow Gate Experience is an awakening to the truth, a truth that is available to anyone who chooses it. It is the discovery of Life, the one thing we desire most and defend most vehemently.

Few people in America today view apathy in the same way they see drug addiction. They wouldn’t dream of placing discontentment in the same conversation with eating disorders or alcoholism. The truth is that all these conditions are nothing more than “presenting problems” or “symptoms.” And these symptoms are like any others: they simply indicate the existence of a deeper problem that needs a real solution. Narrow Gate offers that real solution in the person of Jesus Christ. Instead of focusing on the presenting problems, we offer individuals an opportunity to discover that all these habit patterns are the result of their choice to live independent from God rather than dependent on Him.

The Narrow Gate Experience utilizes wilderness survival as a circumstantial backdrop to teach young men the truth of God and how to find life in Christ. Participants live in an environment that is free from the distractions of social life. When distractions such as music, friends, media, etc., are stripped away, young men's priorities become instantly different. They are on new ground with fresh eyes. Narrow Gate then introduces a Biblical way of thinking about daily choices, life and purpose.

As young men begin to achieve success in this challenging environment, their views of themselves begin to change. Narrow Gate's staff helps students see how they have always viewed themselves as opposed to how God describes anyone who chooses to follow Him. A single choice, to be a child of the Author of Creation, opens the door for a brand new life, one that changes each person from the inside out. As participants begin to learn how God views them and to accept this view as the true definition of who they are, their lives begin to emulate their identity in Christ. As a result, the presenting problems that used to be such a nuisance either fade into obscurity or disappear all together.

Once the foundation for a young man's identity in Christ is set, he is able to identify gifts and strengths within himself that point to his purpose in life, and He learns to hear God's voice pertaining to his God-given calling. Narrow Gate assists young men in identifying, then walking, into the purposes God has set forth for each of their unique lives. The result: Our graduates serve in fields as diverse as biology, the military, mission work, music, banking -- the list goes on. They become leaders in society, the church, their homes and their workplaces, and they look for opportunities to impact those around them with the love and Truth of Christ. 

There is a single cure for all that ails the world. That cure is available for all who choose it. There is a Narrow Gate that leads to Life.