What To Expect

Young men come to Narrow Gate to discover their purpose and passion. The first step is to strip away any current identity the student holds by eliminating major social distractions (music, clothing, cars, family, friends, etc.), thereby putting him on equal footing with the other young men in his class and allowing him to solely focus on seeking God.

In the first level, the student lives with the basic necessities of life (food, clothing and shelter) in order to define what is truly needed for physical life. As the student progresses on his journey, elements are added to his daily existence so that he may gain perspective on these blessings in life.

Narrow Gate’s goal is to set men on the right path, not to eliminate all negative behaviors. The young men who choose this journey find within themselves the power of choice and the consequences of those choices. It is our desire to help them make right choices by empowering them with the knowledge of the Truth and their identity in Christ. 

To learn more about the Narrow Gate experience, please CLICK HERE to watch our video.