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Narrow Gate Foundation exists to make disciples. Our campus in Middle Tennessee is dedicated to providing a life-transforming discipleship experience for young men ages 18-25. Additionally, the foundation is dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering Christian discipleship in all aspects of life. Whether serving and training young men on our campus, serving employees and customers with business discipleship platforms, or serving churches and the communities in which they exist, Narrow Gate Foundation holds to a single core purpose: To invest our resources for the glory of God by making disciples of Jesus.

"No greater gift does a man have than this, that he lay down his life for his brother." John 15:13

We strive to demonstrate this Scripture everyday and give of our time, talents and resources to each other and those around us.


Narrow Gate Foundation is a family of individuals who have experienced the personal transformation that comes through a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It's our desire to create an atmosphere where others can come to know Jesus in the same way. We are not psychologists or clinicians: We are everyday people who serve an extraordinary God.

We disciple young men ages 18-25 at our Narrow Gate Campus throughout the year. Young men from all over the world apply to attend this unique intensive Biblical experience that leads them into deeper intimacy with God and seeking the answers to two of life's biggest questions: Who am I and Why am I here?

When a young man begins to leave his Narrow Gate Campus experience, he is considered for our Community discipleship model called Servants Table. This distinctive model provides a way for pre-qualified and trained individuals within the local church to continue the discipleship experience by surrounding a young man and sharing networks, experiences, success & failures with one others in an effort to generate deeper and stronger spiritual growth while integrating into the secular culture in which we live. We believes discipleship in the local church is a key initiative to beginning to impact our culture. Our desire is to share this model in order to help the church 'grow up into all things which is Christ, the head'.

In 2013, we launched Narrow Gate Artisans as a for-profit entity designed to demonstrate discipleship in the workplace, provide employment for our graduates and to create a sustainable model for revenue generation as an example of sowing into the Kingdom.


Narrow Gate was founded in 2004 by Bill & Stacy Spencer when they invited two young men to come stay with them for a while. Adam Stoner & Rob Rogers were both 19 years old and looking for direction in life. While living with the Spencers, Rob & Adam shared their dream of starting a ‘wilderness program to help guys like them’.

"We wanted to create something for guys like us who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. We had both tried college right out of High School and it was an enormous failure for us both. We didn’t know how to get started, so we asked Bill & Stacy to help us. They said ‘yes’ and, from then on, our dream just grew and grew until it became a reality." - Adam

"I didn't know anything about God when Bill & Stacy invited me into their home...I was just glad to find a safe place to land that wasn't my parents house. While living with them and watching how they lived their lives, I became interested in knowing more about the "God" they talked about so often. I became a Christian one night sitting on the couch in their living room one night after talking about Jesus. My life was radically transformed and the course of my life was set." - Rob

Since 2004, over 200 young men have experienced the life transformation that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Spencers now reside on a beautiful 122-acre property in Middle TN where they welcome 30-36 young men each year to come and seek God. Their dedicated Staff is comprised of Narrow Gate Graduates who desire to disciple others and be a vessel of God's work.

"Six years ago, God used Narrow Gate to change my heart, my mind and my life forever. It my privilege and honor to teach the truth that changed me to others. My passion is discipling young men." - Eric "Boots" Davis - Admissions/Foundation Director


  • Bill Spencer - President
  • Stacy Spencer - Executive Director
  • Phil Stoner - Chairman
  • Jerry Stone - Vice President
  • Don White - Treasurer
  • Wanda Stone - Secretary
  • Bob Rogers - Member
  • PJ Heimermann - Member
  • Kurt Beasley - Member


Over 80% of your donation goes directly to impacting lives


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Contact Us

Narrow Gate Foundation
P.O. Box 267
Duck River, TN 38454

Narrow Gate at Leatherwood Forge
242 Dry Prong Road
Williamsport, TN 38487

NOTE: Please send all student mail to the physical address.

(931) 583-0633

(931) 583-0645 

Office Hours
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Central Time - US & Canada)


Narrow Gate Foundation
P.O. Box 267
Duck River, TN 38454
931-583-0645 (f)
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